How to DJ – DJ Course 101

Learn how to DJ electronic music on our DJ Course 101

DL classes in Los AngelesThe quickest way to learn how to DJ electronic music, is to be taught in a group environment so you can interact not only with an instructor, but with your fellow learners on part one of our comprehensive DJ course at our unique Electronic Music DJ school here on Melrose. Unlike our beginners music production courses which are for all genres of music, we specialize in DJing on the electronic music circuit. Suitable for complete beginners, and learners who have played around at home, and want to fill gaps by learning from a professional DJ with a track record playing top venues all over the country. At the end of part two of this two-part course – DJ Course 201, you will be invited to play out in the Gallery at arguably the best club in LA, the Exchange on a Friday night!


Session 1 – Let’s Go

  • Equipment, set up, and ready to go
  • Mixer essentials
  • Beats and bars
  • Intro to beat mixing


Session 2 – Arrangement of Electronic Music

  • Pitch and identifying dissonance (known as clashing)
  • All about tune structure and why you need to know about it
  • Mixing in, and mixing out


Session 3 – Building a Set

  • Tips on track choice
  • Tempo
  • Set order
  • Reading a crowd and having a ‘plan b’
  • Mix points


Session 4 – FX

  • Introduction to common FX
  • EQ
  • All about filtering
  • FX in the mix


Session 5 – In-depth with…

  • Serato
  • Traktor
  • CDJs
  • Vinyl


Session 6 – And Finally

  • Fine tuning your set
  • Body language and swagger behind the decks
  • Recording and editing your first mixtape


“Not only was the class very enjoyable but it also was very informative and comprehensive.” – Andres Monsalve

“Garnish is no nonsense and straight to the point. Top notch education!” – Amvision

“Everything went really well in Ibiza this year and I had so much fun! I am so glad you taught me, you’re the best xoxo” – Paris Hilton

“A great instructor and is very good at making his students feel comfortable. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand and also makes his lessons very fun. My overall experience in this class was great. I feel very lucky to have gotten him as my mentor. I’ve learned so much more with him than I could have learned on my own, and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of this one week course. Thank you!” – Christine Lee

“It’s a great program, you get to learn a lot within the days. Our teacher has been very patient and made the whole process of learning very easy for us. Glad i signed up.” – Zdenka Valentova


We think we have everything covered on this page, but if you have any questions, please do send us a message and we’ll be delighted to hear from you. To book, you can use the button by the dates, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


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