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Logic Pro X Online

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Logic Pro X is Apple’s most comprehensive music production software, giving both novice and experienced musicians professional level control. In this three-day course, students explore core features of the software and familiarize themselves with Logic Pro’s user interface. They also discover how to produce customized audio and MIDI, fluidly incorporating them into their personal music projects. Using Logic Pro’s extensive arrangement of Apple Loops, software instruments, and DSP effects, students will be able to produce their own song by the end of the course.  Detailed lessons explain audio recording and MIDI, sleek and effective arrangement techniques and editing, automation, external MIDI controllers, mixing, and finalizing creations.


Students enrolled in an online Logic Pro X course must use two (2) computers during their class. One must be a Mac with Logic Pro X previously installed. The second can be a Mac, PC, or tablet. This allows students taking the course online to follow the exercises and view the presentation simultaneously.

By the end of the Logic Pro X course, students will be comfortable with:

  • Using Software Instruments
  • Recording and Editing Audio and MIDI
  • Understanding Workflow Techniques
  • Working with Audio Effects
  • Manipulating Pitch and Time
  • Mixing and Automation

This class is great for students who’d like to learn music composition and production using Logic Pro, exploring and understanding the software with a hands-on and interactive approach.

Prior to the course, students should have a basic knowledge of OS X and how to navigate their way using a computer. We also highly recommend at least an introductory knowledge of key audio terms and expressions.


Price: $1500

(Course code: APL-CP102-010)

Search available course locations and virtual course dates below, then EMAIL US if you’d like to book or if you’d like more information.


Class IDStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeStateCity
38061502/27/201703/01/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
380615-191102/27/201703/01/20179:00 AM4:00 PMUS Virtual Central
380615-191302/27/201703/01/20178:00 AM3:00 PMUS Virtual Mountain
380615-191402/27/201703/01/20177:00 AM2:00 PMUS Virtual Pacific
38443203/06/201703/08/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
384432-191103/06/201703/08/20179:00 AM4:00 PMUS Virtual Central
384432-191303/06/201703/08/20178:00 AM3:00 PMUS Virtual Mountain
384432-191403/06/201703/08/20177:00 AM2:00 PMUS Virtual Pacific
38470803/06/201703/08/201710:00 AM5:00 PMCALos Angeles
39149603/06/201703/08/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
38522803/13/201703/15/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
385228-191103/13/201703/15/20179:00 AM4:00 PMUS Virtual Central
385228-191303/13/201703/15/20178:00 AM3:00 PMUS Virtual Mountain
385228-191403/13/201703/15/20177:00 AM2:00 PMUS Virtual Pacific
39163503/13/201703/15/20178:00 AM5:00 PMLAYoungsville
39149703/20/201703/22/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
38784703/22/201703/24/20179:00 AM5:00 PMGADuluth
38796303/27/201703/29/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
387963-191103/27/201703/29/20179:00 AM4:00 PMUS Virtual Central
387963-191303/27/201703/29/20178:00 AM3:00 PMUS Virtual Mountain
387963-191403/27/201703/29/20177:00 AM2:00 PMUS Virtual Pacific
39149804/03/201704/05/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
38948304/10/201704/12/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
389483-191104/10/201704/12/20179:00 AM4:00 PMUS Virtual Central
389483-191304/10/201704/12/20178:00 AM3:00 PMUS Virtual Mountain
389483-191404/10/201704/12/20177:00 AM2:00 PMUS Virtual Pacific
38785504/12/201704/14/20179:00 AM5:00 PMGADuluth
39149904/17/201704/19/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
39187604/24/201704/26/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
38786204/26/201704/28/20179:00 AM5:00 PMNCWinston-Salem
36768205/01/201705/03/20178:00 AM5:00 PMCACosta Mesa
39256305/01/201705/03/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
39164705/08/201705/10/20178:00 AM5:00 PMLAYoungsville
39657505/08/201705/10/201710:00 AM5:00 PMUS Virtual Eastern
38787005/10/201705/12/20179:00 AM5:00 PMGADuluth
38787605/24/201705/26/20179:00 AM5:00 PMNCWinston-Salem
38787906/07/201706/09/20179:00 AM5:00 PMGADuluth
38788606/21/201706/23/20179:00 AM5:00 PMNCWinston-Salem
39165907/10/201707/12/20178:00 AM5:00 PMLAYoungsville
36769108/07/201708/09/20178:00 AM5:00 PMCACosta Mesa
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